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Home Information Articles EMOIT Talking-Pen is certified with Singapore Safety Mark
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EMOIT Talking-Pen is certified with Singapore Safety Mark

Recently news reported that air hostess electrocuted using on-charge iPhone 5. There are actually many similar incidents reported on using unsafe chargers. We would like to declare and assure to our customers that EMOTI Talking-Pen uses Singapore Safety Mark Certified charger since 1st day of sales. It's our priority to make sure that our products are safe for your children!


And based on our research, EMOTI Talking-Pen is the only Chinese Talking-Pen product that has this certification. It is actually illegal to sell non-certified product in Singapore. This probably explains why you can find these products at private booth only, while EMOTI Talking-Pen is available for sales in Popular Book Store, Carrefour Supermart (ex), and official schools.


We would like to encourage all parents to look for Safety Mark Sign for electric products for their kids! It should not be a thing that a parent should compromise.


Jul 2013