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FAQ-Warranty, Repair and Trade-In

EMOTI Talking-Pen comes with 1 year local warranty. Please refer to the warranty card for details. The warranty is void if

  • Damaged with crack or obvious scratch on the pen body.
  • There is evidence of water.
  • The Talking-Pen is opened.

We provide repair service if the warranty is expired with a flat fee of S$50 or S$70, depends on the condition of the Talking-Pen. Alternatively, customers may consider to trade-in the old pen. Please refer to trade-in page for details.

EMOTI Ptd Ltd 为EMOTI点读笔提供1年的保修。详情请参照产品附带的保修卡。以下情况我们公司不提供保修:

  • 点读笔明显的摔伤,开裂。
  • 点读笔被人打开过。
  • 点读笔有进水的迹象(内置检测物质改变性状)。

EMOTI Pte Ltd 为保修期已经过期的产品提供修理服务, 酌情收取S$50-S$70。客户也可考虑以旧换新的服务。详情参见以旧换新